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April 2008
The Audacity of Math
Scratching and Baseball: The Tradition Continues
Beijing 2008: The Earthy Games
Jose Canseco: 15 Minutes Past the Hour

March 2008
Jose Canseco Reviewed: With Spoilers
The Spitzer Scandal Reviewed
Attack of the TV Clones
Phoning it in for the Candidates

February 2008
Other Great Senatorial Moments in Sports
Obama: Campaigning to the Choir

January 2008
Performance Enhancement Hits Hollywood
Dry Cleaners for Hillary
Chuck Norris for Secretary of Defense
Vacationing with the Candidates

Other Publications

The Globe and Mail

Love you, hate your president

The Christian Science Monitor

A Total Failure on Facebook


December 2007
Santa's Archives
More Smart Shows Expected as Reality Writer's Strike Enters Sixth Week

November 2007
Internet May Be Full by 2010; This Column Not Helping
Dieting for Dollars
The Belichick Era: A Revisionist History

October 2007
Feeding America One Base at a Time
The Road to the White House and/or Nashua

September 2007
The Rise of the Loonie
(New!) Google Stalk

August 2007
Here's to Moving Day
Rockets in the Sky: Or the Weather of the XXIX Olympiad

July 2007
Harry Potter and the Deathly Lawyers
The Seven Tourist Traps of the World

June 2007
A Nickel for Your Thoughts
Paris, Transformed

May 2007
Get Them Young: TV Viewing among Infants
Lessons from Neuromarketing

April 2007
"Take My Wife, Please!"
Sorry I Missed Your E-mail

March 2007
Ant Angst and Other Lessons of Science
Future Plans: Searching for Big Foot
Don't Mess with the Spreadsheet

February 2007
Do Not Disturb the Hat
Watching the Commercials for the Game

January 2007
The First 100 Hours
Just Answer These Questions, and Nobody Will Get Hurt


Yesterday's Primary

WBUR Radio Boston (NPR)

Yesterday's Primary
As read by me during "Morning Edition."

Boston Sports Review

The El Guapo/Obama Ticket
The Impossible Dream … In Full Technicolor
Big Papi: Questions for Book Clubs
Betting on the Sox
Confessions of a Baseball Fan
Pesky's Pole Position
Gifts for the Men Who Have it All
Schilling for Senate
Daisuke Matsuzaka: Lost in Translation... in a Good Way


HD on the Cheap and on the Go
Putting the You Back Into Usury


December 2006
Runners-up of the Year
The Gift That Keeps Being Given

November 2006
Birth of a Computer

October 2006
Killing the Eco-Friendly Way

September 2006
I is for iPod who Died of Ennui

August 2006
Adventures of a Vintage Ballist
Katie Couric Reporting
YouTube Fall Preview

July 2006
Reviews of Leftover Food From Meetings I Did Not Attend
Headbutts, Flopping, and Astrology

June 2006
Football of a Different Sort
Ideal Day

May 2006
How Do You Spell Overkill?
Yum! I Say

April 2006
My Birthday is Worse Than Yours

March 2006
The New World of Online Television!

February 2006
Gun-Wielding Olympians on Drugs: The Biathlon Doping Controversy

January 2006
Football for the Famous
Gains Across Entire Irritability Sector

The Boston Globe

Heeding the Siren's Call of Free Food in the Office
Craig's List: Lessons for a New Bond
Name That Caller

The Boston Herald

Reprieve for the Blog Bleary

Boston Sports Review

Bowl Game Preview
Body Language Report Card
Papelbon? That's Worth 14 Points in Scrabble
Cleaning up after the Monster: An Excerpt
True Die Hards: Rooting from Beyond the Grave
Lights, Camera, Play Ball
Start Scratching
Hate Fatigue
Got Tickets?
Missing Sox
The Couch Potato Games


Cyber-Cyrano to the Rescue!
A Briefer History of the Internet

New England Sports

The Geek Goes for a Jog

Making Money

Coming to a Woodpile Near You
Ask Dr. Dollar Sign

California Technology News

Step Away From the Internet
The Guide to Keeping Your Customers Happy


December 2005
The Year Online - A Comprehensive L-W Guide
The Year Online - A Comprehensive B-H Guide

November 2005
Putting the Mess Back Into Christmas
Automation for the People

October 2005
My Profound Effect on the Red Sox (Updated from last year)
The New World of Consumer Tracking

September 2005
Acing Job Interviews the Chief Justice Way

August 2005
Performance Enhancement For Dummies
Putting Titles on Humor Columns? That Was My Idea

July 2005
Nigeria Strikes Back
The Brain Behind the Athlete

June 2005
Baseball Infidelity
There Are Tiny Robots in My Pants
Wachovia: We’re Much More than Just Phony E-Mails!

May 2005
Make It a Betty Crocker Week

April 2005
More Reviews of Blogs by People I Know Who Don't Know I Know About Their Blogs
"I'd Like To Thank the Members of the Conclave…"
I Wouldn't Read This If I Were You

March 2005
Gym Diary
Charles and Camilla's Wedding Evite

February 2005
The Neurotic's Guide to Weight Loss

January 2005
This Space For Rent
Spyware is Forever

The Boston Globe Magazine

Two Thumbs Down

The Montreal Gazette

The Condensed Guide to Looking Like a Writer

Boston Sports Review

Tacky Gifts for the Boston Sports Fan
NFL Training Camp News
Red Sox Book Reviews

California Technology News

The iPod Revolution
Situation Comedy: Windows 99 Under Attack
The New Cartographers
The Retro Technology of Tomorrow
Meet The Neighbors ... Online
Jock Surfing
Firefox: 10 Reasons to Switch
Are You Feeling Lucky? Your Very Own Personal Spyware

Pulp Magazine

Reviews of Blogs by People I Know Who Don't Know I Know About Their Blogs


December 2004
NFL Playoff Scenarios
Would You Like Your Coronary Super-Sized?

November 2004
When Small Forwards Attack
Championships: A Beginner's Guide

October 2004
My Profound Effect on the World Series
The Institute for Sloth Studies

September 2004
Running Commentary
The Campaign Week That Was

August 2004
This Advertising Rant is Sponsored by ...
Dream Reviews
Attention: I Have Ceased to Care about Rick Pitino

July 2004
Free Speech Now! Over There! (The DNC in Boston)
Survey Says

June 2004
A Sharp Poke in the Gums
National Public Snooze Alarm

May 2004
Real or Unreal? A Reality TV Quiz
The Carbohydrate Producers of America
Is That a Cell Phone in Your Pocket?

April 2004
Teach Yourself Losing at Billiards
Unconventional Wisdom

March 2004
Madness, I Say: NCAA Basketball Brackets
The (Imaginary) Life of a Baseball Mogul
Identity Theft

February 2004
Dentalgate: Are Those the President's Teeth?
Add Length to Your Jail Term!

January 2004
Peer Pressure: The Martha Stewart Jury
Resolution Progress Report

The Boston Phoenix

Through a Blog Darkly (My Original Blog Review Piece)


Nine Lessons Learned From Baseball on the Radio

The Montreal Gazette

Canada 101: An Introduction for Americans
An Embarrassment of Pants

California Computer News

The 12 Geeky Days of Christmas
Casing the Real Estate Market
I Prefer My Messages Tardy
Choose Your Words Carefully
Attack of the Evil Pop-Ups
Fun with WiFI
Why I'm an Idiot... and Other Tales of Internet Fraud
Too Much Information: The Perils of Blogging
Retro Radio


Legitimate File Sharing

Boston GM (Red Sox Column)

Cowboy Up For Dinner Time
Garciaparra Conspiracy Theories
Party Night at Fenway
Still We Can't Believe It
Spiderman Strikes Out
Enjoy The Drama While It Lasts
Attack of the Voodoo Bobbleheads
Welcome to Friendly Fenway, A-Rod
Pedro Martinez for Senate?
Win One For The Beer Drinkers

Professor Barnhardt's Journal

Favorite Foods
New Year's Resolutions


December 2003
The Award of the Year Award
Right of Way for All
Meeting up with the True Believers Part II: Dennis Kucinich

November 2003
Stupid Congress Tricks
8 Years of Humor
Don't Flirt with Your Food

October 2003
Red Sox Virus
Don Zimmer vs. Pedro Martinez
Meeting up with the True Believers Part I: John Kerry

September 2003
Attention Red Sox: Ben Affleck Needs You

August 2003
Putting the Goober Back in Gubernatorial
Adventures in Reality

June 2003
Nap Action Now!

May 2003
The Early Works of Joe Lavin
Stealing Stickies for South Carolina

April 2003
You want Freedom Fries with that?

February 2003
Stop Playing Games

January 2003
Spam Saddam


Play Ball

California Computer News

It's All About the Algorithm, Baby!
Now Reviewed on a Screen near You
Piranhas, Hacks, and Smackdowns
Surf the Net Like It's 1999


Meeting Up in the Real World
Going Wireless
Who Needs to Play Tetris on a Cell Phone?
Web Sites for Guys
The Blog Comes to Harvard
BookCrossing: The Traveling Book Show
Banned from the Internet
All That I Want
Look out! The Segway is coming!

Boston Metro

Urgent: This is Not Spam

Boston's Weekly Dig

My Night as a Talking Head

Professor Barnhardt's Journal

Dispatches from an Embedded Office Worker
Favorite TV Shows
Favorite Films
Words of Wisdom


December 2002
A Tale of Two Doves

November 2002
Christmas Turkeys

October 2002
Urgent Business Proposal

September 2002
The Caveman Guide to Good Eatin'

June 2002
It's Just a Bird

April 2002
Mirror, Mirror on the Ceiling

The Boston Herald

I Like My Food Dumb
Goodbye Foxboro Stadium, Hello Alphabet Field

The Boston Phoenix

Dating Geeks for Dummies
Open House Diaries

California Computer News

The Paranoid's Guide to Technology
Attack of the Schwinging Robots
Treasure Hunt with GPS


Hack Attack!
SirCam, I love you -- but not as much as these Kournikova Pix
Sorry I Haven't Written

You Need Massage?
Happy Birthday, Hong Kong Style
Insane Cab Rides and Imperial Splendor in Beijing
Inside the Big Buddha

Professor Barnhardt's Journal

Inappropriate Query Letters
Guilty Pleasures


October 2001
Activate My Chart, Baby!

September 2001
Fall TV Preview

June 2001
Go Red Sox!

April 2001
Spot the Reality

February 2001
Spare Some Change?

January 2001
Prostitution Island

The Boston Herald

The Smog Olympics: Beijing 2008
Elvis, Your Order is Ready
Stop the Reality


Invasion of the Privacy Statements
Beware the Satellites
Technology and Baseball
Filter This!
Searching for Eddie Fisher: My Dad and Napster


Actual First Names of People Who Have Recently Worked in the Romance Department at Harvard University

Rubber Dinosaurs and Cadavers
On and Around the Great Wall
Watching the Horses with Bill Clinton
A Geek's Guide to China


December 2000
Other Recounts Across North America

October 2000
A Day on the Presidential Campaign Trail
Welcome to College

August 2000
Kissing Beneath the Bouncing Shadow

July 2000
Reviews of Stuff I Haven't Seen

May 2000
Cruise to Lose

March 2000
Canine Clones

February 2000
New Hampshire Voters Suddenly Lonely

January 2000
Professor Cyborg
Peter, Wake Up!

The Boston Herald

Uber-techie So Plugged in That His Wires Are Crossed
Just Give Him a Home Where the Interactive Don't Roam
Coming Soon to an ATM Near You


Watch Your Back
Net Addict
This Is Only a Test

Worcester Magazine

Political Grunts: Inside the Bradley Campaign


December 1999
Sorry, Wrong Number

November 1999
Department of Corrections
Say Goodbye to Clutter

October 1999
Love and the Single Life
Always Accessible

August 1999
Brought to you by the letter W

May 1999
Um. . . Sorry About the Bomb

July 1999
Hut Hut Hutch

April 1999
Conception for Dummies

January 1999
I'm OK, Euro OK

August 1998
The Scandal of the Language of Scandal

August 1997
Orbitz: The Drink With Balls

July 1996
The Wrong Number

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The Boston Globe

Adventures in Adult Ed
The News We'd Like to Lose

The Boston Herald

It's 3:30 A.M. Do You Know What Your Portfolio is Doing?
This Commercial is Brought to You by Friends


Why I Love CNBC


Countdown to 2000